Good Scientific Practice

Since its foundation in 2014, the scientific work of the MBN Research Centre gGmbH has been based on fundamental principles that apply equally to all scientific disciplines. The honesty of scientists towards themselves and others, scientific professionalism and conscientiousness as well as scientific integrity are of central importance.

The following Statutes implement the "Guidelines for Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice" of the German Research Foundation (DFG) as amended in August 2019. They are legally binding for all persons conducting research or providing research support at the MBN Research Centre gGmbH.

International Board for the Monitoring of Good Scientific Practice:

Prof. Nigel Mason, University of Kent, United Kingdom, Chair, E-mail:

Prof. Vincenzo Guidi, University of Ferrara, Italy, E-mail:

Prof. Hartmut Backe, University of Mainz, Germany, E-mail:

Dr. Andrei Korol, MBN Research Center, Germany, E-mail:

Raphael Schlappa, Frankfurt Innovation Center, Germany, E-mail: