The organizers recommend the Training School attendees to book their accommodation in the following hotels located in walking distance from the venue:

Korona Panzió
Address: Péterfia u. 54., 4026 Debrecen
E-mail: ,
Telephone: +36 (52) 535-260

Némethy Panzió
Address: Péterfia u. 50, 4026 Debrecen
Tel./Fax: +36 (52) 444-480

Euro Panzió
Address: Kétmalom u. 10, 4031 Debrecen
Phone (mobile): +36 30/417-4717

In all of these small hotels, a number of rooms have been reserved for the Training School attendees up to March 15, 2023.

For reservation, please contact the hotels directly by e-mail or phone, and indicate the keyword “Atomki-MBN”.